Seven Reasons Small-Medium Enterprises Should Begin Email Marketing Campaign

Email MarketingSince its arrival a couple of decades ago, email has revolutionized communications in enterprise environment. To this day, it is still considered as one of the most influential web-based technologies, along with search engines, video calling, cloud storage and social networking.

Email has been a particularly powerful for SMEs (small and medium enterprises). These businesses don’t have the marketing budgets of larger competitors, but they also have a similar requirement for measurable and cost-effective communication method with customers. Here are seven reasons why email marketing should be prioritized by SMEs in the highly competitive business landscape:

1. More Targeted Campaign: Email marketing is more targeted than other methods, because SMEs can send them to select customers.

2. More Cost Effective: It doesn’t cost anything to send thousands of emails at once. No need for postage, handling and shipping.

3. More Trackable: SMEs can define whether users receive and open email messages, as well as clicking the embedded links.

4. More Measurable: SMEs need to measure and keep track of their marketing campaign to make use of the limited budget.

5. More Testable: It’s easy to test a sample group of consumers with email marketing before the main campaign is started.

6. More Adaptable: Email marketing could keep pace with any change in the market and SMEs could stay ahead of possible obstacles.

7. Better Success Rate: Email marketing always produces result and a well-designed campaign typically deliver favorable response rates.

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